Adult ADHD Evaluation and Medication Management

{This service and page is currently under construction. We will post when we will start providing this service to the community. Thank you for your patience}


We realize that you are busy and your time is valuable.

Just commuting to and from appointments can take anywhere

from 45 minutes to an hour or more.

Wouldn't it be better to use that time for other important activities, including but not limited to increased productivity at work or more time with family and friends? 

That is why we provide the option to

decrease your need to commute to appointments.

Through telemedicine, you can schedule your appointment to see your doctor

from the comfort of your own home or office.

We utilize advanced technologies to offer effective, convenient,

and time-efficient medical services.

Initial Evaluation

& First Follow Up Appointment

In-person, confidential and comprehensive

During the initial evaluation and first follow up appointment, we will review areas known to have potential effects on a person's overall well-being and health. A thorough assessment includes biological, psychological and social factors that can affect a person's life. 

Overall, this assessment will include:

  • Standardized Rating Scales

  • Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment

  • Psychoeducation on Evidence-Based Diagnoses & Treatments

  • Discussion of Treatment Options that may include:

    • Prescription Medications​

    • Lab Testing (if indicated)

    • Supplements/Nutrition/Exercise/Mindfulness/More

    • Therapeutic Modalities

Follow Up Appointments

Telemedicine via Zoom

  • Expert ADHD Medication Management

  • Zoom Online Follow-up Appointments

  • Phone Access to Your Doctor

  • Electronic Prescriptions Directly to Pharmacy 

  • Accommodation and Prior Authorization Paperwork

  • Therapy Recommendations

  • Additional Therapeutic Intervention Recommendations

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