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Autism & Psychiatric Evaluation

This evaluation is completed in 3 appointments and assesses the presence or absence of signs or symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD.) We complete evaluations for 3 year olds and adults.


The first appointment includes a psychiatric evaluation with only parents/guardians present for younger or non-verbal children, and with parents/guardians and child or teen if verbal. This will take approximately 1 1/2 hours.

If you have information from prior providers, school/teacher comments, school testing/progress reports, psychological testing/evaluations, medical/neurological history/information, it will be very helpful to bring this to the initial evaluation. 

Dr Weibrecht may also provide other screening forms for the parent/guardian to complete for full assessment.


The second appointment consists of utilization of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule - 2 (ADOS-2.) This has been considered the gold standard for screening of behaviors and more that may be present in individuals with ASD. This is completed with parents/guardians present for toddlers and young, and sometimes other children, and with parents/guardians for older children and teens.

The third appointment is held in order to summarize the findings on the ADOS-2, obtain additional information and further assess the child or teen. Recommendations for the child or teen will also be discussed. This appointment generally takes an hour. 

(If there are coexisting diagnoses, such as ADHD, anxiety or otherwise, we may be able to asses for these as well in the time given. Occasionally, a fourth appointment may be requested. Dr Weibrecht may also refer you back to your provider or another provider depending on the findings and the parent or guardian's preference.)

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