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Catalina Foothills 

Pediatric Psychiatry

4739 E Camp Lowell Dr

Tucson, Az  85712

Tel 520-428-3933

Fax 520-428-3922

(email address is for new inquiries only - Not for use as patient communication due to HIPPA (confidentiality) requirements.) 


Please do NOT include identifiable, confidential information such as name, diagnosis, etc. 

Please provide a phone number and we will call as soon as possible.

We do not respond via email as we would like to personally address your concerns and questions. Thank you.

Your information was sent successfully!

Regarding Communicating over the Internet:


Please do not use email to send confidential information, such as diagnosis or medical conditions, or to contact us regarding an emergency requiring immediate action. We cannot ensure that email will be read or answered in a timely manner.


In case of an emergency, such as suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or medication adverse effects, call 911 for medical emergencies.


Call 911, go to the Crisis Response Center (520-622-6000,) or your nearest emergency room if your child or teen is experiencing life-threatening thoughts or actions.


We strongly discourage using email to send messages of a personal or confidential nature. Email is not secure, and can be read in transit by people other than the intended recipient. Email is copied, archived, and retransmitted continuously as part of normal processing.

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