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Some Recommended Links

Dr. Weibrecht believes that her patients and families are participants in the treatment plan.


She has knowledge obtained from specialized training, while individuals and families have knowledge derived from their own experiences and education. It is vital to work together to combine these for the benefit of the patient.


Therefore, Dr. Weibrecht would like to provide access to some links that may be useful.

Below are some websites that have useful information about ways to help your child and family understand the difficulties your child may be experiencing, including;

navigating successfully through school systems;

strategies for difficult parenting situations; 

medication information

and other therapeutic options to consider for your child and/or family.


IMPORTANT: Please note that Dr Weibrecht has no affiliation with or control over these resource sites. They may update and change information at any time. Their suggestions or recommendations may not coincide with Dr. Weibrecht's recommendations. They are provided only as a courtesy for further discussion and consideration during the course of treatment. Dr Weibrecht is not liable for any actions you may take related to information you encounter at these websites.



​504 vs IEP (Individualized Education Plan:)

Sample letter requesting additional services from school:

These sites will provide information about possible medication adverse effects or interactions that may occur between your medications
(This is not medical advice & is only for brief    reference - Please consult with your physicians prior  to taking any medication or supplement)


Medications, Supplements, Herbs:

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