Initial Evaluation

Initial evaluations will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. If you have information from prior providers, school/teacher comments, school testing/progress reports, psychological testing/evaluations, medical/neurological history/information, it will be very helpful to bring this to the initial evaluation. 


Please note that if your child is 8 years old or younger Dr. Weibrecht will schedule the initial evaluation in 2 separate appointments - The first with the parents/guardians alone, and the second with the child and caregivers present. 

Depending on time constraints, the child or teen, or the guardian, will also be interviewed on their own. This may not occur until the second appointment, however. 


Laboratory order slips, teacher or parent forms, teen/child forms, or other additional information may be given for completion at the first or second appointment. Sometimes, as Dr. Weibrecht learns more about your child, teen and/or family, other forms or tests may be recommended.

Follow Up

Follow up appointments will be scheduled for either 20 or 45 minutes depending on your child &/or family's circumstances and/or Dr Weibrecht's recommendations. 


The standard of care for follow up of medication management or otherwise is for the child/teen to be seen with no more than 3 months between appointments. Due to the continuously changing lives of children and teens, these visits are essential for their well-being. 




Dr. Weibrecht has limited availability for therapeutic services. She may refer out for therapy depending on the needs of the patient, or may take on a new patient for therapy if circumstances and time are permitting. 

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