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Mental Health News, Updates and Articles

Below you will find updates and articles from resources regarding mental health issues. 

Medical Marijuana

This first article discusses medical marijuana uses. It is from Harvard health publications. Questions from families who are wondering whether marijuana is safe or effective for mental health difficulties may find some answers there.

The second article, from the same site, discusses where marijuana may be helpful medically. These are not 2 different perspectives, but rather speak to pros and cons of marijuana use depending on the reason (medically) one might seek to use (or not use) this substance. This article also speaks about the components of marijuana, which may be helpful.

Navigating Insurance when there is a diagnosis of Autism

The Autism Society has helpful information here re: insurance, as well as other resources.

When Your Teen is Stealing

This article concisely presents some possible reasons for stealing, as well as possible interventions to consider. One example included in the article worked for that particular family. However, it is important to note that all families are unique, and therefore we cannot recommend that their strategies be used for every family.

Basics re: Lying

"The Truth About Lying"

This link takes you to an article that helps parents understand where lying originates, and that it serves a purpose for everyone, at any age - sometimes protective, sometimes attention-seeking, but almost always for an underlying reason. And we all do it - from "little white lies" to malicious lies. This article also has suggestions for dealing with lies, and helping your child grow and make better decisions.

Teens &Mood Swings

This is a link to a Buzzfeed article, which is worded in a relatable way. 

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